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Name: Moovee SARL



Founded in: 2017, Luxembourg

#InduTech Topics: Advanced logistic, Sustainable mobility

Company size: 1-10 employees


Moovee is a multimodal mobility operator. You can see us as an aggregator and integrator of solutions and services, in order to respond to mobility issues of companies and their employees. We are 3 associates, whose skills are multiple (Engineering, legal, tax, commercial, energy, IT ...) and we rely on highly qualified partners, selected for their expertise to offer services, maintenance, and a global and operational management of multimodal fleets. We are the first shared multimodal fleet operator in Luxembourg..


We provide our customers with a fleet of 2 & 4 wheels vehicles adapted to sharing and composed according to their needs. And in order to simplify the transition to a new mobility, and to facilitate the fleet usage, we provide a full range of services, from daily maintenance to booking application through user accompanying, aiming to provide minimal managing time but with maximum flexibility to our customers.