#Indutech describes the industrial Technologies in the following sectors :

Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0

Internet of things (IIoT), Cyber-physical systems, Vertical and horizontal process integration, Big Data, Cloud computing, Virtual reality


Smart safety

Electronic tracking technologies, Crowd monitoring and management, Real-time information, Decentral communication, Smart industrial plants, Interactive safety trainings



Upcycling of industrial by-products, Waste water treatment, Off-gas treatment, Zinc recuperation processes, CO2 valorisation, De-NOx, De-SOx

New manufacturing technologies

Additive manufacturing, Rapid prototyping, Metal powders for 3D printing, Nano-coatings, New design approaches, Material properties



Renewable energies, Decentralized power generation, Energy recovery technologies, Energy storage concepts, Energy contracting models

Smart engineering applications & processes

3D scanning technology, Visual capturing technology, Drone technology, Reverse engineering methods, Concurrent engineering, Big Data management

Smart construction & healthy buildings

Minimum CO2 emissions, Energy management systems, Energy performance, Smart City concepts, Building Information Modelling (BIM), Smart control systems

Robotics & Artificial Intelligence

Man-machine interface, Artificial intelligence, Automation of maintenance, High risk interventions on industrial processes, Visual recognition technologies

Advanced logistics & sustainable mobility

Logistics automation, Electronic tagging, Industrial workflow optimization, Sharing models, Circular economy

Mining & resources management

Scarcity of resources, Valorisation of abundant raw materials, Optimization of mining techniques, Recycling of waste materials, New industrial processes, Space mining