Name: Eiravato S.A.

Website: http://eiravato.com/

Contact: info@eiravato.com

Founded in: 2015 Ireland, 2018 Luxembourg

#InduTech Topics: Wastemanagement, Cirulareconomy

Company size: 1-10 employees


Eiravato has a vision of a world without waste. We will empower the world’s leading companies and governments to eliminate waste by delivering a global marketplace where valuable materials and resources are constantly traded and reused, not wasted. We help clients maximize their business performance by turning their waste into revenue and profit. We lead the way in the development and growth of the global circular economy and global Eiravato marketplace. We help protect the environment by ensuring materials and valuable resources are recovered and reused and kept in circulation as long as possible.


Eiravato is a software solution comprising of the Eiravato Hub, Eiravato Smart Tools and Eiravato Exchange. It is a unique software as a service solution that uses smart technologies including Artificial Intelligence, Predictive Analytics, Block Chain and Big Data to analyse waste, eliminate inefficiencies, identify circular economy opportunities and turn waste into profit. The solution standardises global waste data, automates waste reporting and alerting and centralises all waste information on a single multi-access platform making waste management and sustainability reporting simpler and more cost effective. The Smart Tools in the solution identify circular economy opportunities and match buyers and sellers via the Eiravato Exchange. The Eiravato solution rethinks waste and turns it into profit.