Name: DataThings SARL


Twitter: @DataThingsLu


Founded in: Luxembourg, 2017

#InduTech Topics: Industry 4.0

Company size: 1-10 employees


Driven by emerging technologies, like the Internet of Things, cyber-physical systems, and the so-called Industry 4.0, our businesses are becoming more and more complex every day. This makes taking sustainable operational decisions hard, especially when they need to be taken in live. At DataThings we believe that the large amount of data collected today from various sources has the potential to help you to better understand your businesses. Our technology can empower a wide range of fields: health care, transportation systems, building management, Internet of Things, financial sector and nearly every other business that deals with live data. DataThings mission is to develop intelligent software systems to transform your data into actionable and valuable insights to support you in taking the best operational decisions – even in live.


  • GreyCat Enterprise (live data analytics)
  • Custom/Individual Software Development
  • Consultancy