Is your company working on surface texturing technology? 

If so, our call for projects should be of interest to you!

Our current focus: 

Our client is developing products requiring digitally controlled process of product surface pattern and relief customization (macro and micro texture).

What we are looking for: 

We are looking for companies able to offer digitally controlled technologies that generate a customizable texture on a long and flat surface.

What we are offering: 

Our proposal through that call operated by Paul Wurth InCub is to share our technological expertise in developing market ready solutions with young, innovative companies, through cooperative technology development, field testing and other business development activities.  

As for your current stage of development:

We know some new technologies are either difficult or expensive to bring to the market, so what we require is a validated proof of concept (POC). The more you have the more we can help you scale. 

Do you have what it takes to impress our panel of experts? 

Our invitation to APPLY: 

Please submit your application describing your technology value proposition till 15.01.2019 through the link below. Our team will then review your application and be in touch if they feel you’re on to something promising! We’ll then schedule an interview with our selection jury in Luxembourg.

Knowing more about this OFFER?

You will get the opportunity to develop your business by a startup-corporate collaboration and our #InduTech members. For more information please visit