An ecosystem essential for start-ups

Luxembourg has always been a gateway for different European cultures. This diversity is key in terms of Innovation and offers a rich soil for entrepreneurs willing to validate one of their products or a MVP (minimum viable product) a key asset before reaching a bigger market. Over the last years, Luxembourg has seen the creation of a strong community to support start-ups. The foundation of this community is built by entrepreneurs, Government agencies, university & research institutions, incubators, accelerators and large corporates. This community is an essential ecosystem to turn the idea of a young entrepreneur into a real product.

“What I like in Luxembourg is that we can have quick connection to Major corporate leaders. It is essential for us as a start-up to have support and feedback with our product development” is saying DataThings, one of our #InduTech Start-up Made in Luxembourg. In fact, connecting entrepreneurs to suppliers, partners and large corporates is key to develop their product in an agile way in a constant changing market. This experience is beneficial for both the entrepreneurs and also for innovative companies that provide additional networks internally and with external suppliers and partners. Our InCub moto “Together we create industrial value” perfectly reflects that philosophy.

Corporates in Luxembourg are also spread internationally and support young entrepreneurs by buying their services, helping them validate a prototype or bringing their expertise on the table. Accessing international markets is also made easier thanks to this international hub corporates are providing. Paul Wurth InCub is a good example of this win-win situation between Corporate and start-ups in the Industrial sectors that we defined as #InduTech. We have attracted start-ups from Japan, Korea, Italy, France …” because they saw this hub to grow on the European market.

Moreover we also provide the support to create start-ups “made in Luxembourg” and participate in building strong business cases which is the best asset a start-up can have when facing investors in their scale up phase. The fast access to our dynamic ecosystem is answering all these challenges. The InCub Member Mexence who moved from Paris to Luxembourg stated the following: “One of the most important factors for success is not the brightness of the idea of their founders but the ecosystem that allows them to implement their business plan (HR, R&D, Operations …). In that respect, our presence in Luxembourg is a perfect match as we bring a highly talented and diverse team of engineers, graduated from top universities, to literally ignite a tremendously enabling ecosystem with quick access to decision-centers”

In Luxembourg, we make it happen but we also make it happen quickly!