Digitization of transport & logistics are enabling goods and individuals to reach their destination with higher speed, flexibility and reliability than ever before. In industry, integration between transportation and production activities is key to reduce inventories and shorten time to market.

Real time computation software for predicting complex traffic flows (e.g. on airports or railway stations) on the basis of continuously recorded data (chip tracking, video-recording,…), global ICT networks and artificial intelligence are changing the way we observe and interpret mobility and logistics data.

Man-less transportation systems, shared vehicle systems, specific-purpose vehicle designs, advanced propulsion systems, and smart infrastructure will revolutionize on how we move people and goods in the near future.

On a smaller scale, new indoor logistics solutions (for warehouses & production facility) will have a major impact on productivity and industrial processes.


  • Logistics automation
  • Electronic tagging
  • Industrial workflow optimization
  • Sharing models
  • Circular economy